These Skincare Masks in EPCOT’s Japan Make You Into a Cat, Dog, or…Baby…?

The Japan Pavilion in EPCOT is one of our favorite spots to find epic food! But our other weakness there is definitely the SHOPPING!

Epcot Pavilion

Of course, we’re talking about Mitsukoshi Department Store where we stumbled across some face masks.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Face masks aren’t surprising! That’s all we’ve been hearing about for weeks!” But friend, these aren’t the type of face masks you’re expecting at all.

Try to tell us that this packaging WOULDN’T catch your eye if you walked by the shelf! We weren’t sure what this was at first until we realized that it’s a skincare face mask that makes you look like a cat when you have it on! So fun! Yes, I will TOTALLY be a cat!

Cat Skin Care Mask

But wait, you’re not limited to JUST a cat. You’ve got options! We spotted masks with different cat AND dog breeds so you can emulate your favorite fur baby. The Pure Smile Art Masks in the “Will You Be A Cat?” and “Will You Be A Dog?” styles are available for $4.95 each.

Will you be a cat? Will you be a dog?

But speaking of babies…! We also spotted this Clear Turn Babyish Moist Mask. We’re not sure this one will make you look like a baby when it’s on your face, but will it give us “babyish” skin? I hope so. You can snag the Babyish mask for $12.95!

Babyish face mask

We’re still feeling a little caught off guard by these Mitsukoshi Department Store finds — after all, we’re not usually thinking about skincare in the Disney parks! If you want to see (or buy!) these for yourself, head on over to the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT! But be sure to bring your wallet, because we NEVER get out of Mitsukoshi without a VERY long receipt!

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