The Toy Story Aliens Are BACK With More Disney Remix Merch!

The Toy Story Aliens have been celebrating Halloween early and dressing up like some of their favorite Pixar characters.

Alien Remix

Now, the Aliens are back with even more fun outfits in Series 3 of this new merchandise line. Let’s just say, an Alien dressed as Sulley from Monsters, Inc. is one of the best things we never knew we needed.

Need a Jessie pin to match that Alien Remix Woody pin you just bought? Well you’re in luck! The Aliens are dressed and ready to yodel along with you in this fun Alien Remix Jessie pin.


You can grab one of these pins for $9.99 on shopDisney.

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If you’re trying to complete your Alien Remix pin collection with all 24 pins and that awesome pin board, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new WALL•E Alien Remix Pin. Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of Aliens out there!


You can grab one of these cute pins for $9.99 from shopDisney.

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He may not smell like strawberries (as far as we know), but this plush of a Toy Story Alien dressed as Lotso is absolutely adorable. He even comes with a crutch! Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to take over your playroom at home.


Snag one of these on shopDisney for $14.99.

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Trying to be the very best on the scare floor? Well, our little green friend may be dressed as Sulley in this Alien Remix plush, but he looks way too cute to spook anyone. Just look at his horns on top and the way his ears and antenna stick out from the sides and top of the costume! SO ADORABLE!


You can get one of these plushes for $14.99 on shopDisney.

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Last, but certainly not least, the Toy Story Aliens have transformed themselves into WALL•E again, but as a plush this time. If the directive of this plush is to win the Alien Remix costume contest, we think it’s doing a fantastic job.


This plush is $14.99 on shopDisney.

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These items were part of the third series of pins and plushes from the Toy Story Alien Pixar Remix Collection. We can’t wait to keep building our collection as more Remix items are released. We’ll be on the lookout for the release of the next series of pins and plushes, and we’ll definitely let you know what other cute Alien merchandise items we find!

Click here to check out the awesome Alien Remix Loungefly!

Which of these Alien remix outfits is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!