REVIEW! Take a Peek at What Cookie Heaven Could Look Like When Gideon’s Bakehouse Opens in Disney Springs!

Disney Springs is essentially a theme park where food is the main attraction! We are incredibly excited about a new food “attraction” coming to Disney Springs in 2020 — Gideon’s Bakehouse!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

In Disney Springs, Gideon’s cookies used to only be offered in very limited quantities at The Polite Pig. We’re excited to get all of the giant (half pound each!!) cookies and even some giant cake slices when Gideon’s Bakehouse opens its own spot!

But, the wait for these delicious treats was killing us!! So, we decided to make a trip to Gideon’s current location in Orlando at the East End Market to see what we might expect when Gideon’s Bakehouse opens this year. Oh, and we had to sample the cookies —  for research, of course! 😉


Gideon’s current location has a quirky and fun vibe! At this location in the East End Market, Gideon’s has a small area to its own in a shared space with lots of other local businesses.

Gideon’s Bakehouse

We’re excited to see what it will look like when they’ve got a dedicated space all to themselves in Disney Springs! At their current location, you can spot those delicious cookies in the racks to the back and all those boxes of delicious cookie orders!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

The Gideon’s area has lots of old-style books covering the area, as well as lots of books lining the shelves in the back.

Gideon’s Bakehouse

They’re really inviting us to go on a culinary adventure!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Decor

Looks like they’ve been ready to be part of the Disney fun for quite some time now — they’ve got The Wind in the Willows book as part of their decor! Those in the know will recognize that as the book for one of its main characters — Mr. Toad!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Decor

Many aspects of their decor feels worn and weathered but in a beautiful way.

Gideon’s Bakehouse

We’re excited to see if the atmosphere in their Disney Springs location is somewhat similar or if we’re in for an entirely new Gideon’s experience! But enough about the decor, let’s get to the stars of the show — THE GIANT COOKIES!!!!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Each of the cookies are hand crafted in small batches and weigh almost 1/2 a pound!!! At their current Orlando store, each cookie is $5!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies

We loved the look of the little individual frames featuring the names of each of the cookies, and how the cookies were displayed on the boards in the back!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Limited Edition Cookie

The limited edition cookie for August is a Coffee Cake Cookie — an extra buttery, vanilla bean cookie filled with cinnamon streusel and topped with Gideon’s homemade double-baked butter crumbs!! These are only available in August every day until they sell out. This specialty cookie, however, will be offered YEAR ROUND at Gideon’s Disney Springs location!!

We grabbed the limited time Coffee Cake Cookie and a few others (we do it all in the name of science!) and we could not wait to dig in!!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie Box

We loved learning a bit more about the story behind Gideon’s! It made us even more excited for their new location in Disney Springs to open up!

The Story of Gideon’s Bakehouse

The Cookies!

At this point we feel an obligation to provide the following deliciousness disclaimer: If you are hungry, proceed through the remainder of this post at your own risk. The cookies you are about to see may cause your hunger to increase exponentially. You may feel compelled to buy many extremely large Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies immediately. You may even dream of these cookies for the next several days. Please don’t lick your screen. Proceed with caution!

Okay, if you’re still here then you are READY for cookie heaven!!!

First up, we present to you — the Peanut Butter Vanilla Crisp Cookie! This cookie features peanut butter chips, salt chunks on top, and even some candied peanuts sprinkled throughout.

Peanut Butter Vanilla Crisp Cookie

Just look at those giant peanut butter chips! If you’re really only a fan of peanut butter when it is mixed with chocolate, then you may not love this cookie. But if you’re a pure peanut butter fan, this is a MUST-TRY for you!!! It’s VERY peanut butter flavored!

Next up — the glorious Coffee Cake Cookie! As described above, this is an extra buttery, vanilla bean cookie filled with cinnamon streusel and topped with Gideon’s homemade double-baked butter crumbs!!

Coffee Cake Cookie

We wish we could send even just the smell of this cookie through the screen to you because it was that phenomenal! This cookie is absolutely delicious!! It’s almost like eating an undercooked cinnamon roll mixed with a coffee cake. Some Gideon’s cookies are so rich we can only take a few bites at a time, but this cookie is dangerous!! We could totally eat the whole thing in one sitting!!

Then, we just had to try the Triple Chocolate Cookie! This cookie actually features 5 types of chocolate including Callebaut and Ghirardelli chocolates! It is extra velvety thanks to the chocolate ganache Gideon’s pours straight into the cookie dough! It also features large salt chunks on top to add some balance to the flavors!

Triple Chocolate Cookie

This cookie is dense but delicious! And the salt on there is INCREDIBLE! You’ll definitely want to grab a glass of milk to pair with this! This cookie is so incredibly rich, you may only be able to take a few bites of it at a time, but we love that because it means this cookie could totally last us a whole week (spoiler alert — they never last that long around us!) and bring us days of deliciousness! If you like to slowly enjoy your desserts over a longer period of time, this may be the cookie for you!

Finally, we tried the Cookies and Cream Cookie! Gideon’s describes this as a Cookies & Cream milkshake in a cookie (YUM!!!!!!!)! To make this treat, Gideon’s uses their ultra-soft vanilla bean cookie and fills it with chunks of hand-cut Double Stuffed Oreos. Then, the cookie is completely covered with a coating of crushed cookies!

Cookies and Cream Cookie

If we absolutely had to pick a least favorite, it would probably be this cookie. We’d probably prefer regular chocolate chip or triple chocolate over this one. But if you’re a big fan of cookies and cream flavors, it may be worth a try for you!

We were so excited to get a look and taste of Gideon’s offerings at their current location! We can’t wait to see what Gideon’s will look like and taste like in their Disney Springs location when that opens up!

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What is your favorite Gideon’s cookie? Let us know in the comments below!