Photos! Here’s a Construction Update on the TRON Lightcycle Run Attraction at Magic Kingdom!

Greeting, friends! We’re on our way to Magic Kingdom for the day!


We hopped on the monorail at the Ticket and Transportation Center this morning and had a chance to see how TRON Lightcycle Run construction was progressing as we zoomed by it in the sky!

TRON Lightcycle Run is an upcoming attraction that will be similar to Shanghai Disneyland’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run. Disney World originally planned on delivering the major attraction in 2021 to celebrate Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary.

TRON Construction

Disney hasn’t announced whether or not its final competition date has been impacted, but officials have stated TRON Lightcycle Run will be one of the construction projects they’ll be picking back up in stages.

TRON Construction

Construction workers were present at the site today and were working on a structure towards the back of the attraction.

TRON Construction

The project still looks a long ways away from completion, but TRON construction appears to be moving forward nonetheless! We’ll keep you updated with the progress of TRON Lightcycle Run, but for now, check out the construction workers we spotted at EPCOT’s Space 220 Restuarant recently here!

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