OMG! A New ADORABLE Baby Yoda Plush Has Made His Debut in Disney World!

We definitely have a soft spot for Baby Yoda merch!

Baby Yoda Hand Sanitizers

We think most people would agree that The Child is absolutely ADORABLE — so it makes sense that we’ve seen a bunch of different plush designs of him! From a talking Baby Yoda to a shoulder plush, there are tons of ways to cuddle this cutie!

And we’re OBSESSED with the latest Baby Yoda plush that’s been spotted in Disney World! Check out this barrel of cuteness Instagram user thedisneygirlie came across in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Check out these cuties! ©thedisneygirlie

But seriously, just look at his little face!!

We love him! ©thedisneygirlie

We’ll keep an eye out to see if this precious new Baby Yoda plush pops up anywhere else in Disney World!

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What’s your favorite piece of Baby Yoda merchandise? Let us know in the comments!