NEWS: Your Horns Are Showing With These New Mickey Ears at EPCOT in Disney World!

Since we’ve been back in a newly re-opened EPCOT, we’ve spotted Anna and Elsa out in the Character Cavalcades, gone to the Relaxation Station at Akershus, and hopped back on Frozen Ever After back-to-back.

Norway Troll

Speaking of, while it’s well worth making a visit to the Norway Pavilion to visit Arendelle with Anna and Elsa, there’s a new pair of Mickey ears that will have you running that way!

The Norway Pavilion is a gorgeous spot with secret Viking swords and some of the most gorgeous restrooms in Disney World. But, The Fjording shop at the exit of Frozen Ever After has a bunch of different accessories, merchandise, and more based on the Scandinavian country of Norway!

Photo Courtesy of: @kimchris2009

Thanks to our DFB reader Kim Rohde, we were able to spot brand new VIKING MICKEY EARS (!!!) in the Norway Pavilion! Just take a look at the faux fur, horns, and Viking shields that come with this breathtaking pair!

Photo Courtesy of: @kimchris2009

The headband is decorated with Viking runes and Norse writing. While Frozen has taken over the Norway Pavilion currently, these ears remind us of EPCOT’S Maelstrom days with Odin, trolls, and all that Viking history.

Photo Courtesy of: @kimchris2009

When you’re over in EPCOT next, head over to the Norway Pavilion to grab the Viking Mickey Ears and to snap a photo in front of The Fjording’s giant troll statue!

What is your favorite EPCOT pavilion? Let us know in the comments below!