NEWS! Hocus Pocus Cookie Dough is Coming To Your Grocery Store!

Oh, hi. 👋 Did you know there’s HOCUS POCUS COOKIE DOUGH???!??!?


Yeah, we’ve seen Hocus Pocus EVERYTHING the last few Halloween seasons, and we’re even seeing these witchy sisters pop up already this year (check out this super cute mug!). But we’re so excited to share that NOW, my friends, it’s time to REALLY take your Hocus Pocus celebration to the KITCHEN!

The Hocus Pocus cookie dough is oatmeal peanut butter flavored, with chocolate chips and “candy-coated gems,” which are generic M&Ms.

It’s refrigerated cookie dough, so it’s as easy to use as breaking apart those little squares and adding ’em to your cookie sheet!


This is available RIGHT NOW at many grocery stores, so the next time you’re scoping out the cookie dough case see if you can find the Sanderson Sisters! The most important part of all of this? Halloween is on its way!🎃

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