NEWS: Extra Large Disney Face Masks Finally Spotted in Disney World…But No More Discounts?

Now that EPCOT is open, that means we’ve been spending all our time exploring a newly re-opened park (and waving hello to Pooh and his sweet butterfly net)!

Morocco Pavilion

Disney has put multiple health and safety regulations in place to keep guests and Cast Members safe during this time. While we’ve experienced temperature checks, hand sanitizer stations, and more around the parks, everyone is also required to wear face masks whenever they’re on property.

Recently, Disney has updated their face mask policies and installed face mask vending machines around the parks for guests to use. Disney has also rolled out their own line of face masks in the parks and online. Since many people have reported that the masks run small, a new extra large size was released online.

Disney Character Face Masks

But, while we were in MouseGear at EPCOT today, we spotted the extra large face masks in person for the first time! While the Mickey Face Mask is the only design that we saw available in the store as the extra large size, we hope to see some of the other character masks we’ve seen online released in the bigger size soon too.

Mickey Face Mask

Previously, people were also able to snag four masks for $20. But, we were surprised to see that Disney World had discontinued the deal at MouseGear with single masks only available for $6 each. However, Disney also has put a limit in place that there’s a limit of only 4 masks allowed to be purchased per guest.

Face Mask Sign

The face mask deal is still available, though, online for people to order 4 masks for $19.99! Although we’re not sure if the deal will come back in the parks, we’ll keep an eye for more extra large face masks around a re-opened Disney World!

These are the things we’ve LOVED even more than before in a re-opened Disney World!

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