“Let’s Get Dangerous!” With the New Darkwing Duck Merchandise We Spotted in Disney World

One of our favorite spots to grab unique Disney World souvenirs is WonderGround Gallery at Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs.

Marketplace Co-op

We all know that “when there’s trouble, you call DW.” So who are we supposed to call when there’s super cool Darkwing Duck merchandise at Disney World?

You can take yourself right back to the 1990s with this Darkwing Duck t-shirt!

Darkwing Duck T-Shirt

Darkwing Duck is prominently featured in this adult t-shirt, set against a city backdrop. And it looks like there’s a lightning storm a-brewing! You can pick the shirt up at Disney Springs for $29.99.

Darkwing Duck T-Shirt

And if you’re looking to show those blank walls in your home some love, we spotted a Darkwing Duck print!

Darkwing Duck Print

The design is the same as the t-shirt, with Darkwing Duck in his signature outfit. You can add the print to your gallery wall at home for $39.99.

Darkwing Duck Print

Both of these items were spotted at WonderGround Gallery at Marketplace Co-Op, so stop by on your next trip to Disney Springs to score these to totally rad souvenirs!

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