You’ve GOT to See the Bizarre Paint-By-Number on Cinderella Castle in Disney World Right Now

Cinderella Castle was still receiving her royal beauty treatment today at Magic Kingdom’s Annual Passholder preview.

Cinderella Castle Refurbishment

But while there was no mistaking the construction crews were working hard to get her fully transformed from afar, we noticed something subtle was happening as soon as we got a little CLOSER!

Cinderella Castle has gone from a steely gray castle with light blue spires to a bright pink castle with vibrant cobalt blue peaks! Meanwhile, all of her architectural elements have been recently blinged out in gold paint! Disney’s really accentuated all of her best features and she looks about a million bucks, we gotta say!

Paint-By-Number Castle

But check out the way the Disney painters were working today — if you look close enough, you can actually make out hand-painted NUMBERS on each of the bricks! This sight reminded us of those paint-by-number sets we used to paint as kids!

Paint-By-Number Castle

Each number corresponds to a different shade of gray paint! That’s how Disney’s artists know which shade of gray to use for which brick! We always wondered how they achieved such a realistic look to the castle — and now we know!

Paint-By-Number Castle

We just had to share this little moment in time with you since we’re not expecting these numbers will be around for very long before they get painted over! That way, next time you get to see Magic Kingdom’s icon, you’ll have this wonderful memory of when Cinderella Castle was one BIG paint-by-number painting!

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Do you think Cinderella Castle will be finished by this weekend? Tell us your predictions in the comments below!