What’s the Deal with Rider Switch in Disney World Now? We Have all the Details.

Walt Disney World is in the beginning stages of reopening this week and we’ve been running around the theme parks checking out all the new updates and info.

Magic Kingdom

We’ve seen select pre-shows be eliminated from line queues and high-touch areas like Dumbo’s Play Area be closed to guests. Many guests were curious about how the Rider Switch process will work under all the new health and safety protocols.

When Universal Orlando reopened, we reported that the theme park was still using the Rider Swap service. We were interested to see if Disney World would be following suit. While touring Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom, we discovered that the Rider Switch is BACK. Plus, the process is the same as it was prior to Disney World’s closure.

Dinosaur Entrance

If you’re not familiar with Rider Swap, it’s where one person waits in line, and the other stays outside with a guest who isn’t able or doesn’t want to ride the attraction. Guests will visit a Cast Member at the attraction where they will scan your MagicBands. The first person will ride the attraction and once finished, swap with the second person.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The second person will enter through an expedited entrance and skip most of the line. The separate queue is generally the designated FastPass line. The FastPass line was open at Disney World today, but only for Rider Switch guests. We checked with Cast Members at Expedition Everest and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to confirm that Rider Switch is still operating normally across both theme parks.

Expedition Everest Rider Swap Entrance

We’ve learned a ton about the new processes in Disney World and we’ll continue to discover more as we stake out the parks. We’ve got more updates coming your way so keep following along with us!

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Will you be using the Rider Switch service at Disney World? Let us know below!