What’s New at Magic Kingdom: Frozen Lollipops, TRON Construction, and Tie-Dye Spirit Jerseys!

Welcome, friends! We’re back for another edition of What’s New at Magic Kingdom!

Cinderella Castle

We can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since we were here for the grand reopening and how much has changed since our last visit!

So without further adieu, we’re rounding up all of our latest updates from the Happiest Place on Earth for YOU! Let’s get started!

Magic Kingdom Construction Update

TRON Lightcycle Run

We stopped by Storybook Circus to get a better view of TRON Lightcycle Run! To our eyes, the massive show building hasn’t appeared to change very much since the last time we swung by!

TRON Construction

The structure still isn’t fully enclosed, but the exterior track was completed a while back.

TRON Construction

Although the TRON Lightcyle Run was originally scheduled to open in 2021 for Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary, Disney has stated they will be picking the project back up in stages which could delay its delivery date. We’ll keep checking in on its progress!

Magic Kingdom Merchandise Update


Even though the colossal Mickey Celebration Donut sadly disappeared in January, we spotted this freshly baked batch of Mickey Donut Hats at the Emporium! We’re not going to interpret this as a sign our beloved treat could be returning, but you never know!

Mickey Donut Hat

There was also this adorable Stitch Hat for $27.99 saying cowabunga, dudes! At least we think that’s what it would be sayin’ if hats could talk.

Click here to learn more about the new Mickey Donut and Stitch Hats!

Stitch Hat

We spotted the cozy Baby Yoda Costume for $29.99 was also in stock. Previously, we’ve only seen pictures of it online, but it’s even cuter in person!

Baby Yoda Costume

Just like Cinderella Castle, some of Disney World’s lollipops have received a fresh new look! We discovered these Frozen Lollipops featuring new artwork of Anna and Elsa at the Emporium today as well as at The Main Street Confectionery.

Updated Frozen Lollipop

Star Traders

We were having a blast at Tomorrowland and our jaws just about hit the floor when our eyes landed on this new Pastel Tie-Dye Spirit Jersey for $69.99. 

See more photos of the Pastel Tie-Dye Spirit Jersey here!

Pastel Tie-Dye Spirit Jersey

And check out these adorable Mickey Hair Clips for $9.99 we also discovered! These little clips work great for keeping your face mask in place too!

Mickey Hair Clips

And there you have it! We’ll be back soon with more food, construction, and merchandise updates for you in just a little bit, but for now, you can check out What’s New at Disney’s Animal Kingdom too by clicking here!

Disney World has updated its face mask policy! Find out more information here!

Have you been back to the parks since Disney World reopened? Let us know if you’re planning on going this summer in the comments below!