We Caught a Glimpse of a NEW Eco Coach Bus in Disney World!

The newest generation of Disney World buses have quite the upgrades! Whether you’re looking for free Wi-Fi or you want to charge your mobile device while you’re on the go, the bus transportation throughout the resort is WAY different from what it was just a year or two ago!

Pluto Bus

While exploring Magic Kingdom today, we were able to catch a quick glimpse of a new-to-us, eco-friendly coach bus, also known as “Eco Coach.”

Eco Coach provides a “green” mode of transportation by using renewable fuel to power the bus, making it safer for the environment!

Eco Coach

The bus we spotted today featured some of our favorite characters from Up!, including Russell and Kevin!

Eco Coach

Keep your eyes peeled next time you visit Disney World and you take the bus to reach your destination! You may just wind up on one of these “green” buses!

Riding a bus in Disney World looks a little different these days! See what changes Disney has implemented here!

Have you been on one of these eco-friendly buses yet? Let us know in the comments!