This Splash Mountain Merchandise Was FLYING Off the Shelves Today in Disney World!

Ever since Disney announced that they will be re-theming Disney World and Disneyland’s Splash Mountain attractionsBr’er Rabbit stuff has been hard to come by!

Splash Mountain

But believe it or not, we spotted some Splash Mountain merch on display at World of Disney today — or DID WE???

While Splash Mountain merch has log-flumed out the door and is no longer available on Disney’s website, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we noticed this Br’er Rabbit Park Pal was just STILL chillin’ at Disney Springs this morning!

Park Pals Display

He kind of camouflaged in with the rest of the Park Pals, so somehow he’s slipped by unnoticed! They actually had several in stock!

Br’er Rabbit Park Pal

We hung the Br’er Rabbit Park Pal back up and turned our attention elsewhere for a second. And when we turned around, can you guess what happened?

Park Pals Display

The Br’er Rabbit Park Pals had vanished without a trace! We actually saw guests grabbing a few by the handful! We checked back later this afternoon and his spot had quietly been replaced with a stack of Pascals! While it’s not impossible to find Splash Mountain merch still out in the wild, you’ll have to act FAST!

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