These New Forky Shirts at Disney World Are Worthy of Our LOVE!

From Forky hairbrushes to Forky Loungeflys, this little dude from Toy Story 4 seems to be having a resurgence at the moment!

Forky Hairbrush

Yup, it seems he’s no longer just the apple of Bonnie’s eye! Forky has gone totally mainstream these days. In fact, his super-silly hairbrush likenesses have been selling-out at Disney World ever since we first reported them to you!

And we can’t seem to help ourselves from getting on the Forky bandwagon, either! He kinda represents that goofy little spork in all of us. And today, we spotted even more items at World of Disney featuring our favorite guy (well, spork!). You can now dress your tot up in this fancy Forky Shirt for $24.99!

Forky Youth Shirt

We love how the ringer tee has red bands on the arm that resemble Forky’s pipe cleaner arms, and the blue neckline looks like Forky’s cute little smile!

Forky Youth Shirt

And not to worry, grown-ups — we found a Forky garment for you as well! Here’s the new Forky Tank Top that’s just arrived for $29.99!

Forky Tank Top

Both tops feature the phrase “I’m just happy to be here”, so you can pull off a coordinating look with your little utensils!

Forky Tank Top

You’ll find both tops at World of Disney in Disney Springs, but be on the lookout for them throughout the rest of Disney World, too! We’d hate for you to throw away the chance to pick them up!

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Are you a fan of Forky? Let us know if you’ll happy to see all this new Forky stuff in the comments below!