There’s Something MAJOR Missing From The Haunted Mansion in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

We are reporting LIVE from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom today. Though the park will not officially reopen to guests until this Saturday, July 11th, today is the first day of Cast Member previews.

Mickey and Friends Cavalcade in the Magic Kingdom today

We were invited by a friend, so today we are giving you a sneak peek of all the updates to the park experience in Magic Kingdom. And one of our first priorities of the day was to pay a visit (and our respects) to the 999 Happy Haunts that reside in the Haunted Mansion.

Of course, there are some changes to the experience in light of new health and safety measures around the park (as well as the rest of the Resort), and they begin upon entering the attraction.

Haunted Mansion

For instance, one of the most memorable moments of the Haunted Mansion is when your Ghost Host welcomes all “Foolish Mortals” into the Stretching Room featuring four iconic portraits of beings as they appeared in their “corruptible, mortal state.”

The Haunted Mansion

However, as you most certainly recall if you’ve ever visited the Haunted Mansion, it is in this room that guests are asked to kindly step in and gather together in the “dead center of the room.” Seeing as that one primary measure to promote the safety of both guests and cast members is the encouragement of physical distancing between people…

Walking through The Stretching Room

…guests are now quickly ushered into the moving queue to enter their Doom Buggies (with seating of guests taking place in every other Buggy).

To put it another way, when your Ghost Host inquires: “Is this haunted room actually stretching??”

No, it’s not. Now, since there is no other way into the queue than through the Stretching Room, guests still do get a glimpse of the portraits (though, from our experience today, it is a pretty quick walk-through).

The Stretching Room

Beyond that, however, you’ll be accompanied by all the Grim Grinning Ghosts you’re accustomed to seeing throughout the ride!

From our Tomb Sweet Tomb in Liberty Square, we’ll be seeing you from Magic Kingdom throughout the day. We’ll be sure to “Hurry Back… Hurry Back…” In the meantime, you can catch up on all the information regarding the phased reopening of Walt Disney World Resort by visiting any of the links below.

Is the Haunted Mansion one of your favorite attractions? Please let us know with a comment!