SPOTTED: There’s a NEW Fork Loungefly Backpack Online!

Bonnie’s favorite toy is really moving up in the world!

Forky Backpack

From Forky Watches to Forky Coffee Mugs and socks, there’s been no shortage of the famous plastic utensil from Toy Story 4 to go around!

And for you Forky die-hards, we just spotted the ULTIMATE accessory! You can now take your pal with you wherever you go with this new Forky Loungefly Backpack for $80! 


The new bag captures Forky’s features perfectly — from his little popsicle stick feet to his signature red unibrow, this bag is undeniably Forky!

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In fact, the red shoulder straps match the color of Forky’s pipe cleaner arms and hands and really pop against the blue background color of the bag.


And you know Loungefly bags always have that extra detail! The bag is lined with an adorable Forky-patterned fabric which pretty much means we now have to make room for it in our collections.


You can find the new Forky Loungefly Backpack on shopDisney right now, and before you check out, you might want to add this little cutie to your cart too!

Get a wink from Mickey with this new Loungefly Backpack we just discovered at World of Disney (and online)!

Will you be buying the new Forky Loungefly Backpack? Let us know if you find it to be irresistible in the comments below!