PHOTOS: Here’s What Crowds Look Like in Animal Kingdom in Disney World on Reopening Day!

It’s reopening day in Animal Kingdom! 

Tree of Life

We’ve reported in from the Annual Passholder preview in Disney World’s wildest park, but today we’re here as the general public is welcomed back for the first time. All guests attending need a Disney Park Pass reservation so that capacity is limited. We’re wondering, what does that limited capacity mean for Animal Kingdom crowds? Let’s take a look!

As we entered the park, we noticed that there were a good number of folks headed in through Discovery Island and past the Tree of Life — but still, no more than you would see on a relatively slow day in the parks. Of course, we followed most of the other guests over at Pandora to see if the most popular land would warrant any congestion.

Pandora Crowds

Pandora was no ghost town, but it was pretty sparse. Looking around, we saw a lot of other guests but it was oddly few and far between. Typically, Pandora sees a wave of people first thing in the morning. It was easy for us to social distance ourselves.

Pandora Crowds

Sometimes, you could even find some areas of Pandora where there wasn’t another soul in sight! Maybe that’s because they’re all on Flight of Passage — except for it only had a 10-minute wait when we rode it!

Pandora Crowds

Exploring the rest of the park, we definitely found some areas that were pretty deserted.


That’s not to say there’s NOBODY here. The park has enough guests that you’re not alone for too long. Animal Kingdom is HUGE and guests tend to head to more popular attractions and areas so we did see some queues lined up. We spotted a social distancing queue in use for a PhotoPass photographer!

Photopass Line

But we’re not kidding when we say you CAN find some alone time so far this morning. Now, Dinoland U.S.A. tends to have lighter crowds than other areas of the park on a normal day, but we’re not sure we’ve EVER seen it this empty during normal park hours.

Dinoland USA

We’ll update this post throughout the day as crowd levels change! Keep an eye on DFB for ALL of the news from the reopening day of Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom — oh, AND for the next few weeks in a REOPENED DISNEY WORLD.

We’re LIVE from the reopening day of Animal Kingdom. Click here to follow along!

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