New Enchanted Hand Soap from Magic Candle Company Brings Sudsy Magic to Your Bathroom

In the world of things that add an aroma to your house, I haven’t always been the biggest fan. I used to collect those scratch ‘n sniff stickers when I was a kid and I think I may have overdone it because scents haven’t really been my thing as an adult, at least until Magic Candle Company products came into my world.

You may recall that last month, new Enchanted Hand Soaps were introduced to the line-up of Magic Candle Company products. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d love them, but because of how much I loved the Hand Sanitizers I’d tried the prior month, I decided to give a few of my favorite scents a try. Since we’re likely all washing our hands a bazillion times more now than we ever have in our lives, I figured now was as good a time as any.

I’m going to share the fun (and maybe quirky to some of you) part about the way I place my orders. Since $8.95 is the lowest, standard shipping charge for a FedEx “small box” and I now have one of those kicking around the house, I can tell approximately how many items will fit in there so I take advantage of getting as many as I can in the one box. So, two large candles later… I may have been able to get four in there, honestly, so I’ll be testing that out for my next order.

Although this would be my first time trying the brand new soaps, I had a feeling that I would love them since I’ve loved everything else I’ve tried. I ordered four scents this time; Contemporary, Polynesian, Castaway Cruise, and Pixie Dust.

To get ready for the arrival of my soaps, I ordered a beautiful ceramic French soap dish in ivory for my master bath. Presentation is everything and I’m all about it. I typically use liquid hand soap in my bathroom, but since my husband and I are the only ones who will use it, I’m okay with a bar of soap for the purposes of bringing magical smells into my home.

As you can see in the photo above, the soap works up a fairly decent lather, and most importantly, to me anyway, it rinses off clean and complete. The soap felt luxurious on my skin (thank you, Shea Butter!) too. I love being able to use a “fancy” soap and not be left with my hands feeling slimy or left with any residue, especially since I work on a computer all day.

If you’re missing your favorite vacation destination smells and want to bring them into your home, don’t hesitate to give Magic Candle Company’s new Enchanted Hand Soap a try. Remember to use code DISNEYINFO when you check out to receive a 15% discount on your entire order.

Disclosure: Magic Candle Company is an official sponsor of the DIS and we may earn a small percentage of your order should you choose to make a purchase.