Get a Wink from Mickey on This NEW Loungefly Backpack We Spotted in Disney World (And Online)!

Is there any face you would rather see than THIS ONE?


Mickey Mouse

Well, thanks to a bag we spotted at World of Disney, you can see Mickey’s face looking back at you a WHOLE BUNCH, as his smiling mug decorates every bit of the new Loungefly Mickey Mouse Faces mini backpack!

Not only is Mickey smiling throughout this allover patterned mini-backpack, you’ll spot him winking right at’cha here and there throughout the design.

Mickey Mouse Faces Loungefly Mini Backpack

It’s a classic look for a classic character. And, as Mickey himself might say, “Isn’t it SWELL??”

Though we found this new Loungefly mini backpack ($75.00) at World of Disney in Disney Springs, it’s also available on shopDisney as well.

Mickey Mouse Faces Loungefly Mini Backpack

In fact, shopDisney is where you can also find the accompanying Mickey Mouse Faces Wallet ($50.00).

Of course, you can never go wrong with Mickey… but there are even Loungefly mini backpacks currently available on shopDisney featuring other iconic Disney characters, attractions, and more. From Pirates of the Caribbean to the cutest Yeti you ever did see, you can see them all with a simple Loungefly search on shopDisney.

The only question then is… which one would you choose?

What do you think of the newest Mickey Mouse Loungefly backpack? Please let us know with a comment!