Disney’s Dropping NEW Trina Turk Designer Minnie Ears TOMORROW!

From its rosy-colored flower beds to the newly refurbished Cinderella Castle, our trip to Magic Kingdom yesterday was a rhapsody in PINK!

Magic Kingdom

And now we’ve just learned that a new pair of Designer Ears will be dropping tomorrow featuring our new favorite hue!

Fashion maven Trina Turk is known for her use of poppy bright colors and bold, contemporary prints! Whether you’re a follower of her brand or not, make sure you’re sitting down before you scroll any further — are you ready? GOOD, ’cause here comes a pic of the new Trina Turk Designer Minnie Ears! 


They’re sparkly HOT PINK and insanely gorgeous! We love the pink, orange, and white fabric bow and headband! The new Trina Turk Designer Ears are so modern and retro all at the same time.

Although we don’t know how much the ears will cost ya, we know they’ll be available on shopDisney tomorrow starting at 7 AM PST or 10AM EST, so make sure you set your alarms! If they’re anything like the Joe Rohde and Ashley Eckstein Designer Ears, these little beauties are going to sell out quickly!

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What do you think of the new Trina Turk Designer Ears? Let us know if you’ll be trying to snag ’em tomorrow in the comments below!