Cinderella Castle in Disney World Is Nearly Complete! Take a Look at the Progress HERE!

We’re finally back INSIDE Magic Kingdom for the first time since March!

Magic Kingdom

And while we got to check in on Cinderella Castle’s makeover progress during our stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort a few weeks ago, we got to see the (almost) finished goods today!

Just for reference, here’s what Cinderella Castle looked like before she underwent her royal makeover.

Cinderella Castle

And just like that, it appears Cinderella Castle’s refurbishment is just getting a few final touches!

Cinderella Castle

With Magic Kingdom’s 50th-anniversary coming up, Disney World wanted its iconic centerpiece to look her absolute best! We learned Cinderella Castle would be receiving a royal makeover back in February, and that its paint job would entail a new rosy-pinkish hue! Here’s the artists’ concept they shared with us at the beginning of the year.

©Disney Artist Concept for New Cinderella Castle

We weren’t really envisioning such a bright shade of PINK as what we saw in person today! The renderings made Cinderella Castle’s new pink look a bit softer with a muted blushy pinkish tone. But in person, the pink is more of a salmon color and it’s pretty vibrant!

Cinderella Castle

The lower half of the castle will remain its former grayish color while all of Cindy Castle’s architectural features have been turned to gold.

Cinderella Castle

Even the spires have received a much deeper, bolder blue hue than we were expecting! Don’t get us wrong — the colors are really visually striking, but it’s going to take us a little time to process our thoughts on such a different-looking castle! The deeper blue really sticks out against the sky now!

Cinderella Castle

For now, the cranes are still up. We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of the castle as the finishing touches are completed. So, stay tuned for more details!!

We’re reporting LIVE from Magic Kingdom today. Follow along with us here!

What do you think of Cinderella Castle now that its royal makeover is finished? Let us know if you’re a fan of the new paint job (or not!) in the comments below!