Break Out THE CLAW Because We’re Ready to Grab This Adorable Alien Remix Loungefly!

We are eternally grateful that there’s a Loungefly backpack to match this ADORABLE alien dress!


There’s a ton of cute merch out there, but seeing the little green aliens from Toy Story dressed up as other Pixar characters might just take the cake! We’ve already seen the precious costumed aliens on a Cakeworthy dress and they’ll soon be available in plush and pin form as well. But wait, there’s more!

It’s time to break out THE CLAW because we just have to grab this adorable Loungefly Alien Remix Mini BackpackThis cutie features the little green aliens dressed up as other Pixar characters including Sulley, Forky, Merida (check out that gorgeous hair!), and more!


Click here to order the Alien Remix Loungefly!

The red faux leather design is decorated with appliqué details and features adjustable straps for maximum comfort. And the cuteness doesn’t stop on the outside — the lining of the bag has plenty of awesome Easter eggs for Pixar fans!


The backpack is now available for pre-sale online for $74.90 and is expected to ship between August 18th and August 29th. Just in time to rock this costumed alien Loungefly all Halloween season!

Wanna see more Alien Remix merch?? These plushes and pins are coming soon!

Which of these costumed aliens is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!