10 Face Mask Accessories You’re Gonna NEED in Disney World!

It’s a strange new world we live in. With county mandates and even requirements within businesses (like Disney World!), we’re all adjusting to the new norm of keeping our mouths and noses covered in public.

Cast Members Welcome Guests in Masks

Well, we’ve done a little digging on how to make those masks more comfortable. But now, let’s take a look at these 10 face mask accessories you’ve GOT to have to make wearing masks even EASIER!

1. Mask Hooks

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a mask that isn’t quite the right size. When they’re too big, they won’t stay put; when they’re too small, your ears are going to be dealing with some major discomfort. Luckily, there’s a solution! Check out these Mask Hooks for $9.99 to help extend your face mask!


You can spot these hooks all over Amazon right now. Essentially they help to alleviate pressure on your ears AND they make it possible to adjust your mask to the most comfortable fit. That’s two birds with one stone! This could be a great solution for loose-fitting masks for kids too!

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2. Mask Cord Locks

Speaking of mask fit, the Mask Hooks aren’t the only option. If you’ve got a mask that’s WAY too big, or you’re looking to fit one on a littler head (we know the challenges of keeping these things on kids!), then you might need to look into Mask Cord Locks.


The pictured set is currently available with 100 pieces for $14.99, so you won’t have to worry about losing them! The locks make your masks totally adjustable and can be a great solution to a wonky fit.

DFB TIP: FYI, they can be a little tricky to add to your mask. You can use a crochet hook or a bobby pin to help poke the mask loops through the cord locks! Anything that can help thread a needle can help thread a cord lock!

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3. Nose Bridge Strips

Perhaps you picked up a mask in a super cute pattern only to find it doesn’t have an adjustable nose piece. The adjustable nose can be super helpful for those with glasses (to keep them from fogging) and to make sure you have a more snug fit in general.


We spotted a pack of 100 Nose Bridge Strips for $13.99. If you’re sewing-inclined, go ahead and sew one into your favorite mask. If not, you can attach using clips or a safe adhesive.

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4. Ear Protectors

Some of us have more trouble with the sensation of the elastic on the backs of our ears than others. If this sounds like you, you might have a MUCH more comfortable day if you pick up some Ear Protectors for $9.99.


These are basically little cushions that you slide your elastic loops through. They’ll help to eliminate any friction on the backs of your ears and keep your mask comfortably in place all day long.

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5. Cute Mask Clips

Of course, you can always avoid putting pressure on the ears altogether by making sure that your mask connects at the back of your head instead of gripping your ears. You can do this with the Mask Hooks from earlier or with one of these Cute Mask Clips!


We love this cute heart design for $12.99; they have other designs like a smiley face and glittery patterns too! You might even find some on Etsy with little mouse heads! Talk about a fun hidden Mickey!

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6. Headband with Mask Buttons

This next one might be the cutest face mask accessory we’ve ever seen — and the most practical! What’s even better than clipping a mask behind your head instead of behind your ears? Not having to rely on the elastics pulling on you at all! We didn’t think it was possible until we saw these ADORABLE Headbands with Mask Buttons.


Are you serious?! These are so smart! They’ll keep your mask on and your hair out of your eyes. That’s hard to beat! This design we spotted was only $7.99. This would be perfect for kiddos, too!

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7. Anti-Fog Spray

Now, some accessories are less about HOW you wear your mask and more about making the time that you’re wearing your mask more comfortable. Glasses-wearers (or sunglasses wearers!), this next one is for you! As you’ve probably learned by now, masks can make for some seriously foggy spectacles.

©Optix 55

So, pick up some Anti-Fog Spray for $20.55! This stuff can make a big difference and can help with sunglasses too!

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8. Pack of Lip Balm

One big thing that we’ve learned from our face mask days so far is that long hours with a face covering can mean some chapped lips. No one wants those, especially not on your theme parks day! Make sure you bring along a pack of your fave lip balm to make sure you don’t end up super uncomfortable.


We love the Chapstick formula and you can get a pack of three for $2.94.

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9. Face Mask Wash Bag

The CDC recommends that you wash your face mask every day between uses. Of course, when you’re in Disney you’ll have a couple of options for doing this. You can wash them in the sink by hand at the end of the day, or you can swing by the laundry room at your resort.


If you are going to wash them in a laundry machine, consider grabbing a Face Mask Wash Bag to keep them in good shape. We found this one for $3.99!

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10. Face Lotion

And finally, a mask can definitely work towards drier skin on your face. You could always use regular lotion to help with this, but that stuff can be heavy and uncomfortable — especially in sweaty Florida.


Instead, opt for some specialty face lotion like this SheaMoisture Face Lotion for $7.64!

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Snagging some (or all!) of these face mask accessories could make the adjustment much easier! For more face mask tips and tricks — especially when it comes to Disney World — keep an eye on DFB!

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Do YOU have a favorite mask accessory? Share in the comments!