We Asked Our Readers: Do You Think It’s Too Soon to Reopen Disney World Parks? Here’s What They Said.

The Disney World parks have remained closed since initially shutting their gates on March 16th.

Magic Kingdom

But with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom set to reopen on July 11th, followed by Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on July 15th, the longest closure in Disney World history will soon be coming to an end.

There will be a number of new health and safety procedures implemented upon reopening, including reduced park capacity with required reservations, limited attractions and entertainment offerings, required face coverings for guests and Cast Members, to name a few.

Despite the planned safety measures, there have still been concerns raised that the parks are reopening too soon. These concerns are heightened by the increasing case numbers in Florida, as highlighted by the closure of recently reopened bars. And since Disneyland has delayed its planned park reopening date of July 17th, some have suggested that Disney World should do the same.

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So, with all of the buzz around the ever-evolving situation, we asked our Instagram followers, “Do you think it’s too soon to reopen the parks?”

Of the respondents, 57% said yes, they think it’s too soon to reopen the parks, while the remaining 43% said no, they don’t think it’s too soon.

Pie Chart of Our Readers’ Responses When Asked If They Think It’s Too Soon for the Parks to Reopen

Let’s take a look at some of the responses we received from our readers!

“Yes, It’s Too Soon for the Parks to Reopen.”

Many of those who said they do think it’s too soon for the Disney World parks to reopen pointed to the recent increase of case numbers in Florida. “I think when they made the plan it was fine, but now with the rising [number of] cases it’s too soon.” This was a common concern expressed by those who responded.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios entrance

Others also pointed out that despite the precautions Disney has taken, there is still no guarantee that other guests will follow the rules the parks have put in place. “Yes. Not because I don’t trust Disney, but because I don’t trust people.” Some respondents expressed concern that social distancing and face mask guidelines would not be adhered to.

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“No, I don’t think the parks are reopening too soon.”

There were also some common trends among those who don’t think the parks are reopening too soon. Several people pointed out that Disney World waited longer to reopen than many other theme parks. “No. They waited longer to be safe. They will make the parks safe for guests and Cast Members.”

Magic Kingdom

A number of people also said that they’re impressed by the health and safety precautions Disney has implemented, and due to these measures, they would feel comfortable in the parks. “I honestly feel safer at Disney World than any other place we could possibly visit.”

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Currently, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are scheduled to reopen on July 11th, which would mark the end of a 117-day closure of all Disney World parks. However, despite the new health and safety measures planned for the reopening, some guests still have concerns about the timing of the reopening. Given the unprecedented nature of the situation, details are subject to change, so we’re keeping a close eye on any updates.

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Do you think the Disney World parks are reopening too soon? Share your thoughts in the comments.