The Wonderful Magic of Disney Music

As I sit in my house, I think about our world with everything going on. I think about my family and how much I miss them. It’s not easy being far away from home, especially now. Everything seems so overwhelming, sad, and scary. In times when I feel anxious like this, I turn to music, particularly Disney music. People often wonder why I love Disney so much. Everything about it makes me happy. The music, specifically, has always held a special place in my heart. I believe there is magic to Disney music, and here are five reasons why.

1. Nostalgia

Like many fans, Disney was always a part of our home growing up. Thanks to my mom, a Disney fan herself, my love for Disney developed long before I can remember. The music from the movies, parks, and all the sing-along tapes helped create beautiful memories. It also made our drives to Disney World, our “Laughing Place,” extra special. Nothing beats seeing the Walt Disney World entrance sign as you listen to your Disney favorites!

2. Immersion

You can never forget that one-of-a-kind feeling entering Magic Kingdom. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time, you can’t help but smile walking from the entrance out to Main Street, U.S.A. The sights, smells, sounds, and music immerse you into the magic as you journey to the castle. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you feel lighter, happier, and filled with childlike wonder. You leave all of life’s worries with each step and enter a world frozen in time. Music is one of the main elements that help bring you into that world and the stories being told, like it does around World Showcase at Epcot. Music sparks various emotions throughout the parks. A soundtrack from a parade or firework show alone is captivating. I get goosebumps seeing Tinker Bell come out of the castle with the fireworks and music soaring.

3. Unifies/Connects

Disney is known to put smiles on faces all around the world. The music itself transcends barriers in language and culture. It brings us together. It also helps us connect with our loved ones. I love going on some of my favorite rides with my mom like Carousel of Progress, It’s a Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean. We would sing the famous tunes all day! Or quietly do the narration and sing along while on Haunted Mansion. It’s moments like these that I love to look back on. You could also play a fun musical game with your family and friends and try to see if you can name the background music from a ride queue or area.

4. Priceless Memory

Pictures from a Disney vacation are lovely to have for reminiscing. Souvenirs and even candle scents are kept for looking back on those vacations. Music has always been a priceless memory that transports me back to a particular place and time. I can picture Mickey on top of the mountain with fireworks all around with the Fantasmic finale. I remember being with my loved ones at different times throughout my life, watching my favorite firework show (a retired show, unfortunately), IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. I still tear up to the ending of the long-gone SpectroMagic parade. When I listen to the music, I’m filled with such beautiful emotions thinking back on those Disney memories.

5. Inspiring/Therapeutic

Disney music is the type of music I turn to when I want to feel positive and motivated. Whether it’s an old CD or online like YouTube, I always have my Disney music. It makes me feel calm, composed, and happy. For example, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” from Carousel of Progress is such an inspiring song for looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. The music is therapeutic, like when I’m missing home or feeling down. It helps a lot with a stressful or anxiety-provoking day. I listen to a lot of background music for peace of mind. One of my favorites is Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life. As I listen, I close my eyes, focus on my breathing, and feel myself relax. I sometimes put lyrics to it, fill it with words that speak to me. I also love and miss the background music from Innoventions (iconic music I hope they bring back) and “Behind The Waterfall” song from the old Fountain View at Epcot.

Disney music creates nostalgia, reminding us of happy times growing up. At the parks, it is essential to immerse guests into the imagination. It’s something that can be shared together with loved ones, and throughout the world. Disney music is timeless and priceless. You can take it home and relive the memories like a picture. It is good for the heart, mind, and soul as it brings peace and happiness of times enjoyed. This is the wonderful magic of Disney music.

*These are some of my recommended picks of Walt Disney World background music to sit back and relax to:

  1. Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life and Oasis
  2. Magic Kingdom’s Entrance and Main Street, U.S.A
  3. Epcot’s Innoventions and Fountain View
  4. Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland
  5. Epcot’s Entrance

*Check out The DIS Disney Park Bench on YouTube to relive the magic of the parks’ music. Disney Park Bench – Magic Kingdom Entrance – Main St. Train Station is one of my recommended picks. Click and enjoy it!