Rise & Shine! Brunch at Homecomin’ in Disney Springs Is Coming Back SOON!

It’s time to get out your eating pants!

Hush Puppy Benedict

Disney Springs has been slowly but surely reopening and that means we’ve gotten the chance to return to some of our favorite dining spots. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ reopened just last week and we were SO excited to check out the take-home moonshine and get an interview with Chef Art. Now, we’ve got even MORE Homecomin’ news — Rise and Shine Brunch is coming BACK!

The team at Homecomin’ announced this morning that we can expect to see the return of Homecomin’ brunch THIS WEEKEND. Starting Sunday, July 5th, brunch will be an option again. Keep in mind that for the time-being, brunch will only be available on Sunday.

House-made Donuts

That means we’ll be able to get our hands on Fried Chicken & Doughnuts or the Hush Puppy Benedict SOON. Homecomin’ brunch seriously has some of our favorite breakfast bites ever.

Potato Gratin Mash

We definitely recommend reservations, but you can head to brunch between 10AM and 1PM on Sundays going forward. We’ll see you there!

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Will you be headed to the return of Rise & Shine Brunch? Tell us in the comments!