Review! STRONG Drinks and Loaded Mac At Disney World’s House Of Blues!

House of Blues was rockin’ and rollin’ again in Disney Springs!

House of Blues in Disney Springs

House of Blues officially reopened June 3rd, so we trekked over to the West Side of Disney Springs to grab a bite!

House of Blues is a table-service restaurant known for blasting tunes and serving Southern eats. We’d be remiss not to mention they also boast some pretty killer desserts…hellooo Toffee Bread Pudding!

Toffee Bread Pudding from House of Blues

While we’ve visited in the past with mixed feelings, we were pleasantly surprised this time around!


Social distancing was in full effect with many tables closed off to allow for space between guests.

Social Distancing at House of Blues

These spacing guidelines carried over into the bathroom with some sinks unavailable for hand washing.

A look at some of the social distancing in place at House of Blues.

We also spotted some sanitation stations that were readily available for quick disinfecting.

Sanitation Station at House of Blues

Once we were nice and spaced out (and sanitized!) we were treated to some live music! House of Blues is known for hosting some great artists, and tonight was no different.

Live music at House of Blues. Peep the face masks!

It was great to hear live music again — even if we were all at a safe distance and wearing masks! But what’s really interesting about this is that Disney has not brought back from furlough any of their live singing acts besides Mariachi Cobre in Epcot. Not even the Dapper Dans are scheduled to return at park opening. So this may be one of the few places you’ll see live music in Disney world.


In an effort to keep things contact-free, we had access to a digital menu. The only thing we needed was our handy dandy phone and we were good to go!

Digital Menu

The layout of the menu was pretty easy to navigate.

Food Menu at House of Blues

The drinks are nicely categorized in another tab.

Drinks at House of Blues

Pricing was pretty standard for Disney Springs, with cocktails ranging from $12 to $15, and entrees mostly in the $20 range.


We ordered two drinks during our visit. The presentation on both were SUPER pretty with fresh fruit that added a nice dash of color.

Cocktail Time at House of Blues

The Rock Me Hurricane kinda lived up to the name. This drink was SUPER strong with Cruzan white and spiced rums AND Myers’s dark rum. The fresh orange and orange, lime, passion fruit, and pomegranate juices helped balance out the booze, but this drink is nothing to sneeze at strength-wise and a good size at $14.

Rock Me Hurricane

We also really had to try the Strawberry Fields cocktail. Made with Captain Morgan spiced rum and amaretto, it was incredibly strong. The fruity undertones did help to make it the sweeter of the two drinks with strawberry, passion fruit, mint, and lime to help balance out the liquor.

Strawberry Fields Cocktail

With summer right around the corner, this $12 cocktail had us longing for sunshine!


This time around, we stuck to the apps. Excuse us while we drool remembering the BBQ Brisket Nachos… .

BBQ Brisket Nachos at House of Blues

The meat was sooo delicious, and the smokiness really came through.

Nachos at House of Blues

With BBQ Brisket, aged cheddar, red onion, roasted corn salsa, avocado, and a sprinkling of cotija cheese, we were super pleased with this dish. The pricing was reasonable for a decent plate of nachos. This dish was $15.

Nachos at The House of Blues

Next up we had the Loaded Mac & Cheese for $12. Just take a minute to look at this ooey, gooey goodness.

Loaded Mac & Cheese

Served in a hefty skillet, this cheesy pasta was topped with chicken tenders, Buffalo sauce, and blue cheese.

Loaded Mac & Cheese

This is a simple app — it’s basically standard mac topped with chicken strips. We usually love buffalo sauce so we could have used a bit more than the small squirt we got on top, but let us tell you they did NOT skimp out on the blue cheese crumble! Definitely a highlight for us! And if you’re a fan of blue cheese, this dish will make you ANYTHING but blue.

Not into the taste of blue cheese or buffalo? Maybe consider a different app.

Nosh or Not?

Check out House of Blues if:

  • You’re looking for live music! Whether you’re in the mood for some local musicians or headlining artists, House of Blues typically has it all.
  • You like your drinks strong. If you’re someone who makes a funny face when you take a sip of potent cocktails, you might want to rethink ordering off this menu.
  • You’re a fan of super cheesy mac & cheese! Seriously a highlight!

House of Blues

Avoid if:

  • You like a quiet atmosphere. This place is usually hopping with tunes and crowds so if you’re looking for a more toned down dining experience you might want to try one of the other restaurants in Disney Springs.
  • You want a stellar well-rounded meal. The entrees here are hit or miss but we really enjoyed our appetizers this time around.


While there are other restaurants in Disney Springs that we tend to gravitate towards, House of Blues is a nice spot to stop by, grab a drink, chow down on some apps, and groove out to some music. If the toffee bread pudding is on the menu when you’re here, it’s a definite must get as well.

The Southern cuisine can sometimes leave us longing for more, but it’s a good time to hang out with friends and family while taking in some entertainment.

House of Blues in Orlando

While dining in the newly reopened restaurants might be a liiiitle different, it’s nice to revisit familiar places once again. Our stomachs have missed chowing down on tasty treats but we are quickly making up for lost time!

Check out what it’s like eating in the newly reopened Disney Springs!

What’s your favorite dish from the House of Blues? Let us know!