NEWS: Disney World Is Calling Back More Full-Time Food and Beverage Cast Members

Earlier we reported some union Cast Members from Disney World’s hotels and theme parks were being called back to resume working as early as June 14th, and know we can provide you with a few more updates!

Cake Pop at Magic Kingdom

According to a recent post on Unite Here Local 737 union’s Facebook page, we now know a few more food and beverage locations that have started calling back their full-time Cast Members as Disney World gets ready for its big reopening!

Here’s are a few more specific areas where Cast Members are being called back to their positions starting June 21st.

Photo Credit: Local 737 Union

The Orlando Hotel and Restaurant Workers Movement which is affiliated with the Unite Here Local 737 union has also begun calling back Cast Members for several Disney World hotels. The post went on to state additional workers may also be called to some of the locations that have previously been announced and that they’ll be providing more information soon.

Read more on the thousands of Cast Members being called back to work here! 

Are you a full-time Disney World food and beverage Cast Member? Let us know if you’ve been called back in the comments below!