Menu Changes Spotted at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney World!

Ever since Disney Springs reopened on May 20th, we’ve been checking out all the restaurants and stores as they’ve reopened.

Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs

We’ve noticed many locations in Disney Springs have updated their menus to reflect a more limited menu prior to reopening. While we don’t have an official reopening date just yet, we have spotted some new menu changes at Amorette’s Patisserie. Could this mean an opening announcement is coming soon?

On the sweet menu, the Avant-gard, Amorette’s Petit Cake, Amorette’s Signature Cake, Amorette’s Seasonal Petit Cakes, Flavors of South Florida, and Amorette’s Seasonal Pastry are all no longer listed on the menu. HOWEVER, fans of the yummy Mickey Mousse should note that instead of white chocolate mousse, the pastry now appears to feature a dark chocolate mousse.

Mickey Mousse

Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean these treats are gone forever — they just might reopen with a much more limited menu to meet their needs for the time being.

Amorette’s menu also seems to be no longer listing the House-made Caprese Crêpes OR the Ham and Cheese Crêpes. The last item to disappear from the menu is the Arendelle Aqua Drink.

Arendelle Aqua Drink at Amorette’s

We love these gorgeous displays at Amorette’s Patisserie!

In addition to these changes, we also spotted some potential pricing switch-ups! The Mickey Mousse we mention above also appears to have increased from $8 to $9.

Mickey Mousse Description

Some availability changes to note as well! The $59 Character Cakes now require a 48-hour notice! Previously, all specialty cakes required 72-hour notice.


It looks like with a few changes coming to Amorette’s menu, it’s possible that a reopening date is just around the corner. Check back for reopening updates as they continue to be announced!

Wondering what other menu changes have taken place recently at Disney World?

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