Kowabunga! Get Ready For Summer With the NEW Igloo ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Cooler!

Who’s your favorite little cool-colored alien in the galaxy?

Stitch at PCH Grill

If you said Baby Yoda, we get it. But we’re giving some love to the OG mischievous abomination. What’s up, Stitch!? It’s super fitting that we’re talking about Experiment 626 today since just a few days ago it was actually Stitch Day (6/26, get it?). To help celebrate the season, we spotted a great way that Stitch can help keep you cool this summer! Check it out!

We spotted this totally adorable Stitch Cooler on Igloo’s website and we just had to show it to you guys. It’s a seven-quart cooler that can hold up to nine 12-oz cans — or peanut butter sandwiches, whichever is your jam.


We’d certainly love to pack a lunch for our Ohana in this guy.

Click here to buy the Stitch Cooler!

Plus, it features Stitch crawling all over it! Is it us or is it super unsurprising that Experiment 626 is causing some mischief?


One side of the lid feature’s Stitch’s rear end which is kind of adorable. Don’t judge.


You can snag this cute cooler on Igloo right now for $39.99! We’ll see ya hanging with Stitch on the beach!

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Will you be snagging this cute Stitch Cooler? Tell us in the comments!