How To Choose The BEST Masks for Summer in Disney World!

There’s no denying that Disney World is very hot and humid in the summertime. And with the new requirement of face masks for all Guests and Cast Members as a part of the reopening of Disney Springs, as well as masks required when Disney World reopens its theme parks beginning July 11th, it is totally normal to have some questions about how to stay comfortable in a face mask this summer. It’s a new experience for many of us!

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While we navigate these new realities for the time being, we’re bringing you some tips for finding the most comfortable masks around. We gathered some helpful information to keep in mind when purchasing masks to use this summer!

What Kind of Materials and Masks to Look For

There are a few key factors to look for when shopping for masks. When it comes to meeting Disney’s requirements, the official statement noted “the use of appropriate face coverings by both Cast Members and Guests.” ‘Face coverings’ may sound a little vague but as a rule of thumb, you want to make sure the mask covers both your nose and your mouth.

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What we’ve found is that breathable fabric is the key! You are going to want to look for 100% cotton when purchasing a standard face mask. 

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And don’t forget about the material of the strap! The wrong kind of strap in the heat can make it SUPER uncomfortable around your ears, especially if worn for prolonged periods of time. If you’re concerned about this, there are masks that come with straps that go around your head that you can adjust with either elastic or ties.

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Making Sure It Fits Properly

A mask that is too tight can make breathing more difficult than it needs to be. You want to make sure it fits snug enough that it won’t fall off, but you don’t want to wear a mask that is too small that it constricts your breathing or too large to not be effective. Keep this in mind for children too — their heads are a bit smaller and they may be more comfortable with a child-sized mask.

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Test your mask out prior to wearing it on vacation to make sure it’s going to be comfortable to wear all day. We recommend washing them a few times to see if they shrink or warp. The last thing you want to discover is you packed a ton of masks that don’t fit properly anymore due to laundering! 

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Take Extra Precautions So You’re Comfortable All Day

Before you leave home on vacation, you may want to spend some time getting used to wearing a face mask for prolonged periods of time.

Quick trips to the grocery store won’t compare to spending all day in a theme park, so wear one around the house for a few full days to grow accustomed to all-day wear. Or better yet — wear it outside. Go for a long walk or mow the lawn and see how you feel in the heat with your mask.

Entering Magic Kingdom

When you’re in the parks, take frequent breaks — perhaps more breaks than you’re used to taking. If you’re typically someone who hits the pavement hard rushing around Disney World, consider walking through the parks at a more leisurely pace while managing a mask.

Nomad Lounge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Speaking of breaks, consider taking longer mid-day breaks and go back to your hotel room where you can completely remove your face mask for a longer stretch of time. Hotel breaks are always a good idea, in general, to keep your energy and spirits up over the course of your vacation, and they can really come in handy this summer!

Masks will not be required while swimming at resort pools, so a mid-day pool break may be a welcome relief.

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If you aren’t planning to do laundry during your stay, be sure to use a new mask every day. On top of that, be prepared to change your mask at least once per day while you are in the parks. This is especially true in summer when you’re visiting Disney World — be prepared for RAIN. 

Rain, rain, go away!

Once a mask becomes wet it is considered no longer useful, so have extra face masks packed in your park bag if you don’t plan on going back to your hotel.

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Find or Make Masks With Summer or Disney Patterns and Prints!

Whether you are making your own masks or looking to buy them, make your masks ready for summer with some fun prints! Maybe have different themed masks to match each of the four theme parks, or maybe match the resort you’re staying at!

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The choices are really endless and your face mask can be another way to rep your favorite Disney character, sports team, band, or perhaps just your favorite color or pattern.

While we are faced with the reality of needing to wear face masks for the time being, we can certainly make the most out of the situation and make sure we are as comfortable (and perhaps a bit stylish) as possible. 

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