Find Out Where You Can Make A Customizable Baby Yoda Tote Bag in Disney World!

We just can’t seem to get enough of this wide-eyed, comfy-looking cutie!

Baby Yoda Plush

And while we’ve seen the Baby Yoda Plush reappear at World of Disney since the mega-sized store opened last week, we just spotted a place in Disney Springs where you can make your own Baby Yoda merch!

Twenty Eight & Main is known for having some pretty spiffy men’s apparel for Disney dudes, but it’s also the place we discovered our latest Baby Yoda obsession!

Twenty Eight & Main at Marketplace Co-Op

This shop located inside Disney Springs Marketplace Co-Op is churning out some super cute Baby Yoda Tote Bags!

Baby Yoda Tote Bag

For $29.99 you can buy a plain, design-only Baby Yoda Tote Bag or get one personalized with your name! Customize your Baby Yoda Tote Bag however you want it, and they’ll print it right up for you!

Customize Your Baby Yoda Tote Bag

In addition to Baby Yoda, there were a bunch of other designs you could get printed and personalized on t-shirts only (so far, you can only get the Baby Yoda design printed on a tote bag). We saw Orange Bird, Stitch, and lots of Mickey and Minnie graphics to choose from!

Personalized Tote Bag Designs

A Cast Member we spoke with said the other designs will be available on tote bags soon, so we’ll keep checking back! Until then, read about what else we’re discovered at Disney Springs (hint: it involves a magical color-changing Starbucks cup and a new specialty drink!).

Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs is now open! Check it out here!

Will you be picking up a Baby Yoda Tote Bag? Let us know in the comments below!