Check Out This NEW Coke X Disney World Merchandise from The Coca Cola Store in Disney World!

Pop open a cold one! The newly re-opened Coca Cola Store in Disney Springs just released a huge line of new merchandise!

The Coca Cola Store Merchandise

Walt Disney World and Coca Cola go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s nothing more refreshing like downing a Coke from the Coca Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar after a long day of shopping or grabbing a bottle at one of a zillion carts around the parks! Well, now you can show off your love of both brands with a bunch of new Coca Cola gear! 

We just visited The Coca Cola Store and noticed they shipped in a HUGE haul of new merch. The new clothing features the classic Coke colors black, white, and red then combines the look with the Walt Disney World brand. Let’s take a look at everything the new line has to offer!

Inside the Coca Cola Store

Let’s start with our personal favorite. This lightweight crop top is 29.95 and features alternating Mickey heads and Coke bottle caps!

Walt Disney World and Coke Crop Top

The back is simple and understated with a bonus hidden Mickey and WDW logo.

Back of the Coke and Disney World Crop Top

Live in a cooler climate that doesn’t allow for crop tops? Well, good news because they also have super comfy sweatshirts for $66.95.

Front of Red Coke Sweatshirt

The front of the sweatshirt is adorned with that classic Coca Cola logo we know and love.

Front of Red Coke Sweatshirt

Don’t want to bring too much attention to yourself with the color of fire-engine red? They have a similar sweatshirt in white!

Back of White Coke Sweatshirt

Much like the crop top, the detailing of the alternating Mickey’s and Coke caps on the sleeves makes it doubly awesome!

White Coke Sweatshirt Sleeve

For another summer LEWK, consider this cute Coke t-shirt for $24.95.

Red Coke T-Shirt

The back of the shirt also comes equipped with the classy Mickey silhouette.

Back of Red Coke T-Shirt

They have a similar t-shirt in men’s wear also for 24.95.

Front of Red Coke Shirt in Men’s Wear

The back of the shirt shows off your love of Disney World too!

Back of Red Coke Shirt Found in Men’s Wear

We love that the merchandise comes in so many options! It makes it so easy to coordinate with your entire travel group. And there’s nothing that screams “We’re at Disney World!” more than matching group t-shirts. Share a Coke at the Rooftop Bar then clean out the Coca Cola store with all your new merch finds!

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Love all these new looks from The Coca Cola Store? Tell us which one you’re dying to get your hands on!