Check Out This ADORABLE New Disney X HARVEYS Collection Featuring Our Favorite Grumpy Duck!

HARVEYS is known for its delightfully animated bags, keychains, and lanyards all made with sturdy (and adorable!) seatbelt material. In the past, we’ve seen the Disney x HARVEYS collection drop some seriously cute accessories like Toy Story keychains, Monster’s Inc. tote bags, and high-flying handbags featuring Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Donald Duck

COMING SOON: The newest addition to the Disney x HARVEYS family features one VERY cantankerous duck who needs more than a seatbelt to contain his attitude.

Unlike the more well-tempered Disney designs, this HARVEYS sneak peek shows Donald Duck losing his temper in the most Donald way possible. (Note the censored exclamations from our favorite grumpy ol’ bird!) The Donald Duck collection is set to go on sale on July 6th at 8:00PM PST at! It’s gonna take everything we have not to buy the entire collection out.


Prices and details have yet to be released for this fun and fancy-free convertible cross bag. Perusing through the website you’ll see that small messenger bags like this one typically cost around $138. The bags are well-made with sturdy seatbelt material and crafted with the care of a high-fashion designer.


We’re secretly hoping HARVEYS will add this fluffy-tailed cutie to other accessories like keychains and backpacks too! In the meantime, we’ll daydream about when we can get our hands on this little beauty.

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What do you think of the new material? Are you going to be the first on Harveys’ presale list?