Check Out the SWEETEST Monorail Merch We Spotted in Disney Springs!

PEZ stand clear of the doors!


Before the Disney parks closed in mid-March, we spotted some adorable Monorail candy dispenser displays at Disneyland. And it looks like these cuties are still making the rounds!

Earlier today, we were strolling through World of Disney, when amongst a display of tasty treats, something caught our eye.

Candy Display in World of Disney

Yup, we spotted those adorable Monorail candy dispenser displays!

Blue Monorail Candy Dispenser Display

The display is available in both blue and red — in case you need a little extra room to display all of your Pez dispensers!

Red Monorail Candy Dispenser Display

Each display can hold up to eight Pez dispensers, so Mickey and the gang can all stick together! You can grab your own mini-Monorail for $14.99.

Monorail Candy Dispenser Display

And if you’re looking for a few more Pez dispensers to fill your Monorail to capacity, we spotted those for sale separately as well for $4.49 each!

Disney Pez Dispensers

Keep an eye out for this cute Monorail display in World of Disney if you want to treat your collection to their own highway in the sky!

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