These Are the 6 Biggest Decisions We Regret Making in Disney World


Here at DFB, we love sharing all our tips and tricks on how to make your Disney World vacation extra magical.

Walt Disney World’s Epcot

But, even though we’ve practically become pros now, we’ve experienced a LOT of mishaps over the years. While part of the fun is the learning process, there are definitely some decisions we regret making during our own trips to the parks!

We’ve changed the way we visit Disney World by learning some pretty valuable lessons. And, we’re sharing our top picks with you so you can become an expert Disney vacationer too!

Standing in Line Instead of Using Mobile Order

Sometimes you’re just REALLY craving those corn dog nuggets, and you’ll do anything to get them. Yes, you’ll even wait in a super long line (oof). But, chances are, most of the spots you might be waiting at probably use Disney’s Mobile Order system, which can save you LOADS of time.

Corn Dog Nuggets

In case you’ve never used this handy dandy feature, all you have to do is open up the My Disney Experience app, find your preferred location, pick food or drinks you’d like to order, and pre-pay for your items (it works with the Disney Dining Plan too!).

Then, instead of wasting your valuable ride time waiting in line for food and drinks, Mobile Order can save you from standing around for your snacks!

Bay 1 Mobile Order

If you’re a fan of popular foods like Dole Whips or Ronto Wraps, this is an especially great tool for places that normally have a loooong line like Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom or Ronto Roasters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Plus, many of the Disney resorts even offer Mobile Order so you can grab and go before heading to the pool or back to your room after a long day.

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Not Taking Advantage of Resort Delivery

Although we’ve shared our ultimate packing list of what to bring to Disney World, sometimes it’s easy to forget a thing or two when you’re packing for your entire family AND yourself.

But, instead of overpacking your suitcase or risking leaving behind some valuable items, you can actually get things delivered directly to your Disney resort!

Animal Kingdom Lodge

You can ship packages to your resort and have anything from groceries to diapers and even medication delivered. This saves plenty of time and packing space when you’re getting everything together.

Polynesian Lobby

Just make sure, whether you’re doing a grocery delivery or shipping packages from home or Amazon, to get just what you’ll need for the length of your trip!  Otherwise you might be like us, standing in our room on check-out day wondering what to do with three boxes of Go-gurts we thought our kids would DEFINITELY eat during our trip! 🙂

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Pushing Everyone in Your Party Too Hard

We’ve BEEN THERE before — waking up at the crack of dawn to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance, hopping on all the rides in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, running to make our Advance Dining Reservation in Epcot on time, and ending our night with fireworks in the Magic Kingdom.

Cut to us the next morning (ready cram in another full day) and our kids just WILL. NOT. WAKE. UP. It’s EASY to push your family (or yourself!) too hard at Disney World.

Rise of the Resistance

While there are so many things to see, it’s important to try and pace yourself. Remember the whole “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” saying? Assuming you’re going for more than a day or two, that applies to Disney World too!

Whether you take a well-needed nap (or let the crew miss breakfast and sleep in!) or a tag along with your kiddos for a pool break, recharging is essential to having a good time with your family and friends. There’s no need for the fights and tears from being overly tired! 😉

Luna Park Pool at Disney’s Boardwalk

If you’re traveling with kids, a day playing at your resort can go a long way after they’ve seen so much in a short period of time.

And, adults, listen up! There are SO many spots outside the parks to have a chill afternoon. Take a moment to visit Disney Springs for a date night or try a new restaurant around the property!

Welcome to Wine Bar George!

It is SO easy to burn out going too hard and too fast, so forcing yourself to slow down can save you (and your family!) massive headaches.

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Not Packing the Right Things

Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable, so you’ve got to pack for the worst! Since rain can come and go while you’re in the parks (we’ve been stuck in MANY torrential downpours before), keep a pair of sandals (waterproof — with a back strap!) and a rain poncho in your bag to avoid waterlogged shoes and soaked clothes (come to think of it, maybe throw a dry shirt in there too!).

Pack some Ponchos!

Although the Florida sunshine and humidity seem like typical defaults for the weather, cold nights aren’t unheard of in Disney World during the winter months. Make sure to bring along a warm jacket and check the forecast before you head out for the day! If the temperature drops, that extra layer can be a lifesaver as you watch fireworks.

Snoap at Sunset Seasons Greetings

Also, make sure to wear…logical…clothing during your visit! We know that those rompers can be super cute in photos, but the moments you have to fully undress in a bathroom…not so magical. 🙂

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Exiting the Park Right at the End of Fireworks

After a long day, we get that all you want to do is go back to your resort to crash for the night. But, remember — everyone else has the same idea that you do!

At the end of fireworks, it’s SO easy to get caught up in the massive swarm of guests leaving all at once (and don’t forget the fear of losing a member of your party!). However, there are a few ways to avoid some of the crowds as you’re exiting!

Heavy Fireworks Crowds

If you don’t mind hanging out in the park til the VERY end of the night, you can jump in usually short lines for popular rides just before park closing. You’re allowed to get in line up until the minute the park closes, so this can help buy some time for the park to clear out while you get in one last ride!

Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid

Although, you could leave before the grand finale of Happily Ever After, we think seeing the end of the fireworks is also one of the best parts. So, if you want to see the FULL show, wait until it finishes then make your way to the shops on Main Street, U.S.A. and browse for a little bit as most of the guests exit.

Cinderella Castle

The shops stay open an hour after the park closes, so you have plenty of time to look around while the crowds thin. Plus, you can also grab some great nighttime shots without all the people around!

Cinderella Castle at Night

Also, in case you haven’t stayed in the park after the fireworks, Magic Kingdom has what they call a “Kiss Goodnight” where the castle puts on a small show before Mickey thanks you for coming to the park that day. Not a lot of people know to stick around for this, so it’s a wonderful moment to share with your family and friends!

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Although we’ve made a few mistakes along the way, we’ve lived and learned the best ways to conquer Disney World! Whether it means showing some restraint, slowing down, or figuring out the most stress-free way to exit the park after a busy day, we’ve been there, done that and lived to tell the tale so you can learn from our experience!

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What are some of the decisions you regret making in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!