NBA Confirms That Disney World is Being Considered as the Location to Finish the Season


The NBA has confirmed that they’re in talks with the Walt Disney Company to potentially finish their season in Orlando.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

While the NBA season was previously suspended in response to health concerns, the league is now considering potential locations where they could finish the season at a single site. We previously reported that Disney World is a potential frontrunner, and the NBA has now confirmed that Disney is one of the locations being considered.

The NBA is currently considering resuming its season in late-July at a single site. The league is in talks with the Walk Disney Company to potentially hold games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, which is located on Disney World property in Orlando.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill

According to NBA spokesman Mike Bass, the conversations are still exploratory, but in this scenario, the site would be used for games, practices, and housing. This would eliminate the need for travel, thus reducing potential health concerns.

Bob Iger also met with NBA owners earlier this year to discuss their plans for potentially resuming play.

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