Another BIG Question About The Future Of Epcot in Disney World May Be Answered With This UPDATE

Epcot will reopen on July 15th with a BUNCH of new health and safety protocols. 


While guests can expect dining, shopping, and waiting in line to look different, a reported new union agreement suggests that World Showcase could have a BIG change as well.

One of the most unique parts about Epcot’s World Showcase (beyond all the food, of course!) is that each pavilion is staffed by cultural representatives from each country. These Cast Members help to immerse you in each country and can teach guests fun phrases and facts about that location!

Takumi-Tei Cast Members in Epcot’s Japan

But according to, when Epcot reopens, these cultural representatives may be missing from World Showcase. A reported agreement between the Walt Disney Company and labor unions states that Cast Members who “do not meet the culturally authentic theming at Epcot may be temporarily assigned to work in positions which are otherwise reserved for cultural representatives.”

Rose and Crown Outside Bar

Disney previously suspended the cultural representatives program in March and furloughed non-essential  employees. And with travel restrictions in place around the world, it may be hard for some of these Cast Members to return to Orlando.

Mexico Pavilion

Of course, we will be sure to check out this situation once Epcot reopens (because situations can always change, especially in Disney World) and we will report back on our findings. What Epcot and the rest of Walt Disney World will look like upon reopening is yet to be seen, but be assured we’ll be there when it happens!

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How do you feel about cultural representatives possibly missing from Epcot? Will that affect your enjoyment of the park? Let us know!