• Imagineering’s Private Magazine – WDeye

    So here it is. The first edition of the most exclusive magazine ever printed. The first issue of a magazine just for Walt Disney Imagineers, the WDeye! I remember when I first got it… “This is so Frickin cool!” There was a buzz in all the offices. Did you see that? Did you read that? […]

  • Rockwork 1.2

    I love this sketch done by John W. Gauld showing three rockwork plasterers discussing tool cleaning while high up on some scaffolding. One is demonstrating how to clean a trowel with a stick. The other two are watching with great interest. Frankly, I have never seen this technique in my years working on Disney rockwork mountains, but […]

  • Rockwork 1.1

    John W. Gauld did a series of sketches for Imagineering’s magazine called WDEye back in 1990. The subject was rockwork and the types of people you would see on the construction site. Her we have the lonely lather. The lather spends all day attaching bent rebar together and then attaching lath (expanded metal) to the […]