• Backstage
    Behind the Seeds at Epcot’s Land Pavilion

    Review by Mark Hickson: For years I would ride Living with the Land and think how cool it would be to go behind the scenes and walk through it’s magical greenhouse. Well, little did I know that they have been running just such a tour for years! “Behind the Seeds” is a special backstage tour […]

  • Disneyland
    Disneyland’s Happiest Haunts Tour

    Story by: Connie Moreno Just what is the Happiest Haunts Tour? I first heard of this tour a few months ago and I had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t find any information about it online but my friends and I decided to make reservations for the tour anyway. Since we were going to […]

  • Cast Members
    Walt Disney with Suzanne Fuller

    Here is a great photo of Walt Disney presenting Suzanne Fuller as 1965 “Disneyland Tour Guide of the Year.” Although it is hard to make it out this perpetual trophy lists her and the three former Tour Guides of the Year, Iris Umemoto 1962,  Reiko Cox 1963, and Dianne Darnell 1964. Note Walt is holding a […]

  • Suzanne Palmiter 1992 Disneyland Ambassador

    This was Suzanne Palmiter’s 1992 Disneyland Ambassador business card! I first met Suzanne in the Disneyland international offices preparing for her trip to Tokyo Disneyland. She was on a break between orientation meetings while I was there for another meeting concerning TDL. We chatted for about five minutes and found her very excited about her […]