• Fantasyland Aerial View – 1982

    A view of the east-end of Fantasyland before park opening from the top of the Matterhorn. On the left you can see the construction fence for the “New Fantasyland” construction. This photo was taken sometime before September 1982, because Alice in Wonderland’s remodel hadn’t started and Captain Hook’s Galley is still open. What I find of great interest […]

  • Attractions
    Casey Jr. Circus Train

    A fun ride on the magical Casey Jr. Train at Disneyland shot November 22, 2011. I always sit in the front or the back. Never-ever in the wild animal cages! Now here is some real trivia for you. Do you know what the name of the mountain is that Casey has to climb? Here is […]

  • Never-Everland

    One of my favorite spiels is on Storybook Land Canal Boats is “And do you see that waterfall and cave on our left? It’s called Never-Everland. That’s because we Never-Ever go there!’ Tweet