• Animal Kingdom
    Mousellaneous News Briefs

    Rex From Disneyland’s Original Star Tours To Appear In ‘Star Wars Rebels’? Word is that the RX-Series pilot droid named Rex, voiced by Comedian Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman), will be featured in the up-coming Star Wars Rebels series on the Disney Channel! Disney World Reaches Tentative Contract Agreement for Part-time Workers. The agreement […]

  • Attractions
    Tokyo Disneyland Star Wars Fans

    Today Tokyo Disneyland Star Wars fans went crazy! A special Star Wars Event took place in Tomorrowland. Special Tickets were sold that included a ride on the newest version of the Star Tours attraction plus first-come-first-sold merchandise for all who waited in line. Here is the special ticket! And here is the line at 9am! Here is […]

  • Light Speed to Endor!

    One of my favorite moments in the original Star Tours is when Paul Reubens, the voice of Captain RX-24 says, “Light Speed to Endor!” Do you like the newer version better? Tweet

  • Very, Very Cool New Merchandise!

    Check this out! Cast yourself in Carbonite with the “Carbon-Freeze Me Experience” during Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios First you go to the Carbon-Freezing Chamber (next to The American Idol Experience), then several cameras take multiple angles of your face. The images are then reconstructed in a computer and in about 4 weeks, […]

  • I’m Stuck in the Star Tours 3D Queue!

    Yes, This is a video about the queue. The back and forth and back and forth with the masses intent on riding this ride right now! There is also some video of the pre-show too. If you miss standing in queues, this video is for you! Tweet

  • Collectibles
    Star Tours Bumper Sticker

    This is the first Star Tours merchandise item I ever bought. I actually bought 5 of them! Two for my two cars, two for friends, and this one for my collection. This was during the three day long, 24 hour a day Grand Opening party that ran from January 9th to the 11th, 1987.  The lines were so long! It reminded […]