• Disneyland
    Signage Afterthought

    By Mark Hickson: So here we have a warning sign on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain. When it was originally installed we were only concerned that guests would get their hands crushed while dangling them in the flume water. To protect the guests this sign was installed just past the dispatch area. Some time after opening there seemed to be […]

  • Disneyland
    Photo of the Week

    This great shot by Clint, also know as “faeofdoom” is titled, Searching For Br’er Rabbit. I remember watching this being carved in Big Bear, California. Originally it was going to be located in front of the entry queue line, but after arrival it was installed by the exit queue. Why? Because Disneyland operations were afraid kids would crawl […]

  • Disney Stories
    This Well’s Little Secret

    Ever see this at Disneyland Splash Mountain’s queue area? It’s Brer Rabbit’s Well. Sure looks mighty fine with all that greenery and a statue of Brer Rabbit with his knapsack there. Well (no pun intended) this was not the way it was conceived. If you’re familiar with the story you know that he gets stuck in […]

  • Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain

    It’s July 1989, and we were getting ready to open Splash Mountain at Disneyland. All the press events promoting the opening were displacing our construction trailers with tents full of caterers, production trailers, and rows of port-a-potties. On the down side was the realization that we were done getting Splash open and we were now […]

  • Rockwork 1.3

    This sketch done by John W. Gauld shows a Walt Disney Imagineer upon his arrival on the job site. Thank God he has arrived! Now the project can move forward (I hope). WDI Trivia: “PICO” stands for the Project Installation and Coordinating Office. They don’t use that acronym anymore. “MAPO” or the Manufacturing And Production […]

  • Rockwork 1.2

    I love this sketch done by John W. Gauld showing three rockwork plasterers discussing tool cleaning while high up on some scaffolding. One is demonstrating how to clean a trowel with a stick. The other two are watching with great interest. Frankly, I have never seen this technique in my years working on Disney rockwork mountains, but […]

  • Rockwork 1.0

    John W. Gauld did a series of sketches for Imagineering’s magazine called WDEye back in 1990. The subject was rockwork and the types of people you would see on the construction site. Here we have the fearless Iron Worker swinging on the end of a cranes hook a hundred feet above the ground. This god-like […]

  • Photo of the Week

    What a special shot by Gregg L Cooper of the west side of the Rivers of America from the Treehouse. I can see three of my favorite rides but where are all the guests? Well, that’s Gregg’s secret! Tweet