• Disneyland
    New Rivers of America Rendering Released

    Disney has just released the first rendering of what the new Rivers of America experience will look like at Disneyland. Tom Sawyers Island will be shortened and the river and railroad will be relocated south featuring an elevated trestle with waterfalls and rockwork. This is all to make way for the New Star Wars Land […]

  • Disneyland
    Disneyland Closing Attractions to Build Star Wars Land

    The biggest expansion of Disneyland since 1959 will begin January 10, 2016 to begin the construction of Star Wars Land. On that date Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland and its Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo and Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree will close permanently. And on the same day, the following attractions will […]

  • Attractions
    The Columbia in Fowlers Harbor

    Ain’t she a beauty! Now here is a question for ya… Fowlers Harbor was originally part of Frontierland and is now on the borderline between Critter Country and New Orleans Square. So I ask you this, what “Land” should Fowlers Harbor be in? Tweet

  • 1958 Newspaper Ad

    On June 17, 1958 the local newspapers ran this Disneyland ad. “WEIGH ANCHOR, COLUMBIA” With that cry you begin an exhilarating adventure aboard this three-masted fully rigged 1790 sailing ship as you cruise Frontierland’s Rivers of America. Your cannons “BOOM!” at Fort Wilderness and at hostile Indian Villages along the rugged shore. Stand before the […]