• Walt Disney Pictures
    Film Review: Queen of Katwe

    Review by Steven Guttman: A feel good movie that takes place in Uganda. Katwe is a slum area in the city of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, and is where the principal characters of this film reside. Queen of Katwe is based on a true story. At the end of the film, as the credits are rolling, […]

  • Dining Reviews
    Dining Review: Main Street’s Carnation Cafe

    “Dine on classic American comfort food, including some of Walt’s favorite dishes, at this Main Street, U.S.A. institution.” The Carnation Cafe is one of those hidden dining gems in the park that many just walk by on their way into Disneyland. Where the outdoor seating exists today was formerly the “Flower Market”, where guests could […]

  • Walt Disney Pictures
    Film Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

    By Steven Guttman Alice Through the Looking Glass was not what Lewis Carroll had envisioned. Quite frankly, it was not what I was expecting either considering that the script’s author is Linda Woolverton, the same person who penned Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. To create a successful movie based on a Lewis Carroll novel, a […]

  • Walt Disney Pictures
    Film Review: The Finest Hours

    By Steven Guttman The Finest Hours: a rescue at sea & romance combo. The advertisements for this movie center on the fact that it is a true story of a miraculous rescue at sea. The opening scene, however, is the first date between Coast Guardsman Bernie Webber (Chris Pine)and his bride to be, Miriam (Holliday […]

  • Epcot
    Tomb Warriors of Epcot’s China Pavilion

    Review by Mark Hickson: At the House of the Whispering Willows Gallery in Epcot’s China Pavilion there is an exhibit “Tomb Warriors – Guardian Spirits of Ancient China.” It showcases a replica of the most famous archaeological excavation in the history of China. above: an example of how all the Terracotta figures were painted. I […]

  • Disneyland
    Review: Mickey and the Magical Map

    Review by Mark Hickson: Remember the original Videopolis theater at Disneyland? Well, since then it has transformed into many different shows through the years including Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, Mickey’s Detective School and Disney Princess Fantasy Faire. Now it is the home for Disney’s newest production, Mickey and the Magical Map. This 25-minute dance musical, which […]

  • Pixar
    Inside Out1
    Film Review: Inside Out

    Review by Steven Guttman. Inside Out: Another astonishingly complex, enjoyable hit from Pixar.  The basic story line is simple: Riley (Kaitlyn Dias), an 11 year old girl, has to move with her parents from Minnesota, where she has enjoyed her life and her friends and ice hockey, to San Francisco, which causes much stress. The complexity of […]

  • Epcot
    The Living Seas

    By Mark Hickson: In April I had a wonderful visit to The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion. I find the new pavilion title a bit of a mouthful so I just say “The Living Seas.” It’s short and straight to the point. They have changed a few things through the years but the small […]

  • Art of Animation Resort
    Review: The Big Blue Pool

    Review by Mark Hickson: At the center of the Art of Animation Resort, between the Finding Nemo buildings you will find the Big Blue Pool, Schoolyard Sprayground, and the Righteous Reef Playground. These three attractions will keep you and your kids busy having fun, for hours. The buildings set the underwater theme from Disney’s movie, Finding […]

  • Walt Disney Pictures
    Film Review: Tomorrowland

    Review by Mark Hickson: The film Tomorrowland stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw, Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Robinson and Raffey Cassidy. Story-line: “Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland,” a mystery – adventure starring Academy Award winner George Clooney. Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright […]

  • Backstage
    Behind the Seeds at Epcot’s Land Pavilion

    Review by Mark Hickson: For years I would ride Living with the Land and think how cool it would be to go behind the scenes and walk through it’s magical greenhouse. Well, little did I know that they have been running just such a tour for years! “Behind the Seeds” is a special backstage tour […]

  • Dining Reviews
    Dining Review: Plaza Inn Character Breakfast

    Review by Mark Hickson: One of my favorite places to eat at Disneyland is the Plaza Inn at the park’s Hub. Their chicken dinners are total comfort food and I have always enjoyed lunches there too. Today I’m going to be brave and try the $30.00 (for adults and $15 for kids) Character Breakfast! It […]

  • Hollywood Studios
    Tatooine Traders

    One of the most fun merchandise stores at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has to be Tatooine Traders. Situated next to the Star Tours attraction, this store has some very cool merchandise, and the best theming in the park. The Imagineers went wild by including some things that simply defy description. For example, just look at this […]