• California Adventure
    Mangoes at the Lucky Fortune Cookery

    Review by: Mark Hickson It was a very hot day at DCA and I wanted a healthy, fresh, and cool treat. Finding myself at Pacific Wharf, I went to the Lucky Fortune Cookery and ordered their Fresh Mango Slices ($3.69) and an Iced Tea. How could I lose? Well, let me set things straight. I […]

  • California Adventure
    Oddest Restroom at DCA

    Review by Mark Hickson: On the south side of Hollywood Boulevard between Disney Junior Live on Stage and the Sorcerer’s Workshop you will find the oddest restroom at DCA. Surrounded by Mission and Art Deco building facades this “Rest Stop” is a real oddity. It just looks completely out-of-place. I know it was fashioned after […]

  • Aulani Resort & Spa
    Little ‘Opihi’s at Aulani

    “Got ‘Opihi?” It’s the question asked at every Hawaiian lu’au, as party-goers eagerly survey the buffet line. ‘Opihi are a prized delicacy in the islands, and collecting enough for a lu’au can be a dangerous task. Sure footing, a good grip, vigilance and a sharp knife are essential when picking ‘Opihi. With a squat, dome-shaped shell, […]

  • Disneyland
    “Bad Show” at Big Thunder Mountain

    Can you say “Bad Show?” Do you know what it is? It is when somebody or something ruins the guest experience in an attraction or in the park. Well, Disneyland is displaying a great example of “Bad Show” right now at Big Thunder Mountain. See the enormously large yellow construction crane below? It not only ruins […]

  • The Grand Floridian Fitness Center

    Well, here it is! The Fitness Center at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort! Woohoo!! But wait, where is the Spa and Health Center? It has been temporarily relocated from the time-share tower construction site to an air-conditioned tent in the back of the convention center parking lot and aptly renamed “Fitness Center.” It’s only a mile […]

  • Disney Halloween Tickets Re-sell Online

    Tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland are at a premium as the event continues to grow in popularity, with online ticket brokers attempting to resell them at up to three times face value. Tickets for the special event are sold by the Disneyland Resort for $46 for pass holders to $69 for the public but they quickly […]

  • Rant: “Amusement Today” is Not Qualified to Rank Theme Parks

    On September 7th & 8th, Amusement Today (AT) magazine handed out its “Golden Ticket Awards” for the best of the best in 22 amusement park categories. Along with Disney and Universal they included Dollywood, Schlitterbahn, Cedar Point, and Kennywood, just to name a few. Upon reading how they came up with their choices it turns out they have a “Panel of Experts” […]

  • A MousekeBomb?

    This new “Mini MousekeEars” came out last week and after seeing it my only reaction is: It looks like a MousekeBomb. It has a what looks like a big fuse sticking straight up, ready for someone to light it! I know the fine folks in merchandising stay up late coming up with ideas that will […]

  • The Only Place in Disneyland I Am Not Allowed!

    Want to turn a child into a Disney princess for $200? Just go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Sleeping Beauty Castle! It includes makeup, nail polish, tiara, themed costume and a lot of “Pixie Dust.” It also excludes strange men with cameras, as I quickly found out when I entered the boutique’s back door […]

  • Disney’s Biggest Movie Mistakes

    Not that it cant be fixed but here is a list of movies that deserved a sequel! The Incredibles, How can you not make a sequel about America’s most admired family? Roger Rabbit, what a great franchise that went down the tube. Major screw-up. PPPPPleeeease bring it back! 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Before Ned blew […]

  • Are the Mavericks of Mayhem Going to Far?

    Here is the official description of this new line of apparel to be sold at D Street in Downtown Disney District. “Designed by Noah and presented by Disney Consumer Products, this edgy new lifestyle apparel line “Mavericks of Mayhem” depicts this group of charismatic characters, like never before. Whether racing for Hot Rod pink slips […]