• Disneyland
    Club 33 Members Not Happy

    Editorial by Mark Hickson: The most exclusive address in all of Disneyland is Club 33. Many members pay as much as $11,000 a year for this unique destination. Now some of those members are mad over what they say is a roll-back of their platinum-plated perks. Some are even contemplating canceling a membership so coveted, […]

  • Dining Reviews
    Dining Review: Blue Bayou Restaurant

    Review by Mark Hickson: The historic Blue Bayou Restaurant holds a special spot in many park goers hearts. I remember the first time I ate there in 1967… it was magical. That is when I first had their signature Monte Christo Sandwich. So for today’s lunch I’m getting the classic Monte Christo and a Mint Julep! […]

  • Attractions
    The Columbia in Fowlers Harbor

    Ain’t she a beauty! Now here is a question for ya… Fowlers Harbor was originally part of Frontierland and is now on the borderline between Critter Country and New Orleans Square. So I ask you this, what “Land” should Fowlers Harbor be in? Tweet

  • Photo of the Week

    What a special shot by Gregg L Cooper of the west side of the Rivers of America from the Treehouse. I can see three of my favorite rides but where are all the guests? Well, that’s Gregg’s secret! Tweet

  • Walt at the Creole Cafe

    Here is Walt Disney sampling some espresso coffee and sweet treats at the newly opened Creole Cafe in New Orleans Square. They served speciality sandwiches, fritters, phosphates (yep, that’s right), and ice cream delights. New Orleans Square was the last opening event  he attended at Disneyland (7-24-66) as he passed-away later that year. As for the espresso […]

  • Photo of the Week

    New Orleans Square in holiday dress taken from the balcony at Club 33. This exclusive and beautiful shot was taken by Greg Cooper Tweet

  • Photo Of the Week

    What a great shot of the plaza fountain in front of the New Orleans Square train station. So peaceful! Photo courtesy of : Ring of Fire Hot Sauce 1 Tweet

  • Blue Bayou Kids Menu

    Here we have a Marc Davis illustrated Kids Menu from the Blue Bayou Restaurant’s opening year. I remember when I got it. We sat down and the waiter passed out menus to the adults and then gave me this card. After looking at it I realized that this was for a 12 year old, not […]

  • Haunted Mansion Construction

    I love old construction photos! Here we have the Disneyland Railroad bridge going from one tunnel section to another. Between them the Haunted Mansions foundation is being constructed out of rebar and concrete. On the right is the new berm that was relocated along with the track to the southwest, enlarging old Frontierland. As you look down the tracks […]

  • Boat Testing

    In the winter of 1987 Pirates went down for an extensive show and ride system rehab. Here is a boatload of “volunteers” testing to see how much water a guest can soak up. Tweet

  • Aerial View of Disneyland 1964

    Great shot of the park from 1964. You can see one of the giant trusses holding up the Haunted Mansion building. This is before the show building construction started. You can also see the beginning foundation work for Pirates of the Caribbean. You can also see the Primeval World diorama has not yet been built […]