• Animal Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life Model

    Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life concept model at “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Made at Walt Disney Imagineering, take some time to look at it’s detail, then visit the real Tree of Life to see it come to life! See if you can find the Gorilla, Crab, Snail, Flamingo, and Armadillo […]

  • Attractions
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Model

    By Mark Hickson: In the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel’s Frontier Tower (formerly the Wonder Tower and originally called the Bonita Tower) you will find the original Big Thunder Mountain Railroad model in a large plexiglass case. The original model was made by WDI as a reference tool during the design and construction of the attraction. […]

  • D23
    Disney Springs Model at D23

    Downtown Disney’s re-branding into Disney Springs was originally reveled at a PR event in March hosted by Disney Parks chairman Tom Staggs and Imagineer Kathy Magnum. This new model of the development was shown at D23 last weekend in the Imagineering pavilion. It still has four different themes. They are Town Center, The Landing, Marketplace, […]

  • Hollywood Studios
    “One Man’s Dream” Concept Models

    The next time you’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (a.k.a. Disney-MGM Studios or what Imagineers call it, Studio Tour), make a point to take some time to explore “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream.” It is wonderful! This is our 6th post about this most special exhibition. On display in “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, […]

  • Disneyland
    Main Street Concept Model

    At Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a magnificent concept model of the west-side of Disneyland’s Main Street. The model was made by WED Enterprises Harriet Burns and Fred Joerger. WED Enterprises originally consisted of just three members, Harriet Burns, Fred Joerger and Wathel Rogers. Later it became known as the […]

  • Attractions
    Mike’s Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Model

    I love surfing the net… you find some very cool things, and then every once in a while you find something like this! Mike Cozart is a model maker and designer who spent 13 years at Disney. He made this wonderful 1/8th scale model of Disneyland’s Swiss Family Treehouse back in 2007 and 2008 that I […]

  • Disneyland Shanghai – Can someone help me here?

    OK, here is the model of Disneyland Shanghai at D23’s Parks & Resorts pavilion. So I am looking at it and yes, there is a castle! Then I look around for anything else that is the least bit familiar but, I don’t see anything. So I ask the very nice young lady standing with the model and say “Do you […]