• DbM Scuttlebutt – “Leaked” Plans, Old Water, and Two Mermaids

    Have plans been “leaked” for the Avatar attraction at Animal Kingdom? Some serious architectural plans have shown up on the internet, showing a “Soaring” simulator attraction that is purportedly for an Avatar 3D show. An associated boat attraction is also included in the buildings envelope. We will have to wait-and-see if these drawings are a genuine WDI product or not! […]

  • Peter Pan In The Emporium Window

    One of the more overlooked things in the park is the window displays at the Emporium on Main Street. Here is a wonderful display of Peter Pan playing his “Pan” flute to his admiring mermaids and Wendy. I do not have a date for this but expect is from 1969 when the film was re-released. […]

  • Mermaid Tryouts

    During the summers of 1965–1967, female cast members dressed in mermaid costumes could be seen sun-bathing themselves and performing synchronized swimming and underwater stunts for four hours each day. Disneyland ended this live mermaid feature in 1967 after several ladies reported health concerns related to the submarines’ diesel exhaust fumes and the highly chlorinated water. […]